Chanakya is a textile and embroidery house with a four-decade history
of highlighting the pluralistic beauty, diversity, and the perpetuation of
savoir-faire, at the intersection of art, craft and couture.


Let the beauty we love be
what we do


Our journey to showcase the age-old heritage of hand embroidery
began in 1984 in Mumbai, India. At Chanakya, generations of art aficionados, preservers and advocates of this craftsmanship have worked toward a singular aim: to ensure that the magic of artisans lives forever. Committed to our ancestors’ legacy of exceptional quality, savoir-faire, and uncompromising values, Chanakya continues to work at the forefront of craft excellence, fortified by over 10,000 historical archives and 100,000 craft explorations.

At Chanakya, our endeavour is to recognize the importance of diversity, inclusion, representation, communities and their representative material cultures, as well as the role that craftsmanship plays in expressing traditional culture.

This aspect of cultural sustainability extends to Chanakya’s savoir-faire and is translated onto apparel, accessories and works of art.




historical archives


Through a careful balance of preserving
heritage and innovating responsibly, we
ensure that a craft form remains relevant
and captivating in an ever-evolving world.

As part of the preservation exercise, Chanakya innovates upon traditional craft techniques. An example is the chand jaal, a delicate lace that features coiled threads forming an intricate mesh made of pure silver, historically patronised by the Mughals. The final embroidery forms a self-standing fragile lace that was previously extinct, but now revived.


A natural fibre, is ingeniously woven into contemporary dresses, trousers, jackets, skirts and pants and indigenous hand-embroidery techniques such as lace-making, applique and quilting are revisited in a contemporary context.

In addition to preserving traditional techniques, Chanakya actively engages in research and documentation of craft resulting in an extensive collection of over 10,000 archives, each marked by their immense diversity. By delving into the historical context, symbolism, and regional variations of embroidery, we identify and reflect upon a craft form, enabling creation of pieces that not only reflect the beauty of craft but also tell compelling stories of cultural heritage.

The Chanakya Foundation's vision is focussed
on fostering cultural sustainability and holistic advancement through education, skill development, and dedicated efforts to safeguard India's rich artisanal heritage and promote the arts.

A compelling need to address social, economic, and environmental issues laid the foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility at Chanakya.

The foundation's unwavering mission is to empower women from underserved communities through exceptional education in hand embroidery, enabling them to unlock their full potential and elevate their quality of life. By instilling a visionary perspective, cultivating role models, and fostering a strong sense of community, the Foundation is dedicated to the transformation of societies.