Known for creating the extraordinary, Chanakya is inspired
by timelessness and rarity.


An investment
in skill and time
produces luxury
in its purest form.

As creators of luxury, we are inspired by passion and curiosity of the intricate
nature of objects, the potential of materials and complex techniques

Creating timelessness begins with the process of perfecting skills before making
a product. Our mastery of the crafts is demonstrated through precision,
attention to detail and remarkable finishes.


Chanakya creates the ideal environment to fuel innovation. Our close-knit research team traverses the length and breadth of far-flung territories to source the finest embroidery techniques as well as raw materials. Chanakya’s research and design endeavors are also supported by sourcing experts, who help in the creation of exclusive bespoke raw materials that are interwoven with our authentic hand work and unique design. At Chanakya, we invest in research, with a vision to provide an oasis of inspiration for our family of clients.


rare global art antiquities
and craft objects


years of collections


Chanakya’s private collection includes over 10,000 rare global art antiquities
and craft objects spanning a 1000 years, each marked by their immense
diversity, regional differences based on their usage, influenced by geography,
and weighted by historic and cultural narratives.

Notable pieces on display include a series of Victorian dresses from the 19th
century, an embroidered cape gifted to an emperor of the Ming dynasty from
the 18th century, 20th century central-Asian Ikat robes, Indian nomadic wear,
and several fine examples of phulkari from Punjab.

Snakes & Ladders


Wedding Robe I

2000s | Pakistan

Reticule Victorian Purse II

1800s | Great Britan

Bodice with Kutch Embroidery XI

1900s | Gujarat, India

Wedding Robe IMourning Crape

1800s | Norwich, England

Child's Robe

1600s | India


1900s | Balkan Region


1900s | Balkan Region

Baby Shoes

2000s | Great Britan


1830 - 1869 | Great Britan

Traditional Afghani Waistcoat I

2000s | Afghanistan

Jacket - Kediyun/ Angadi

1800s | Gujarat, India

Ikat Robe

1800s | Central Asia



Kutchy Dhebaria Sack

1900s | Gujarat, India