09 / 09

Chanakya School of Craft x Jai Vakeel Foundation for Moonray


Chanakya School of Craft, Moonray, and the Jai Vakeel Foundation came together to create an installation that celebrates the spirit of inclusion titled ‘A Seat at the Table’. Offering a proverbial seat at the table to a series of intricately handcrafted characters, the multimedia work was a sequel to the awareness and fundraising initiative for the Jai Vakeel Foundation.

Conceptualized and designed by Avantika and Karishma Swali and handmade by the enterprising female students of the Chanakya School of Craft and the master artisans of the Chanakya ateliers, the abstract representations are made with sample fabrics and contemporary interpretations of traditional techniques, including appliqué, satin stitch, cross-stitch, micro-beading, macramé and crochet. The table is a hyper-realistic gesamtkunstwerk, with each of the six table settings made of an assemblage of unique objects, all created with ultra-detailed embroidery.

Chanakya School of Craft x Jai Vakeel Foundation


The Jai Vakeel Foundation, India's oldest and largest not-for-profit, working in the space of Intellectual Disability (ID), partnered with the Chanakya School of Craft to create a powerful collaboration of thought and inclusion. The enterprising women of the school designed and handcrafted bands to amplify the message of inclusion. The Inclusion bands represented a tomorrow that is all inclusive, one where respect, dignity, diversity, inclusion and acceptance co-exist.